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At Mon Petit Academy we believe infants are born ready to learn and their brain develops through positive connections and exploration. An infants brain doubles in size in the first year and continues to grow to nearly full grown by 5 years of age. We provide a healthy foundation by creating an environment that encourages developmentally appropriate learning, independence, fosters positive attachment and is intentionally designed to promote optimal development and connection. 

We believe children of all ages learn best through play, both indoors and outdoors and at Mon Petit Academy we provide a schedule and curriculum that gives ample time outdoors and indoors with a variety of exploratory materials to play with. 

Our teachers are facilitators who prepare the environment with stimulating and challenging materials and activities designed for the “whole child”. We pride ourselves in creating a space that is safe, communicate with transparency and always prioritizing state guidelines to keep children safe.

We value routines and create a building wide schedule and curriculum that makes transitioning from classroom to classroom a smooth experience for each child. Each classroom expands on what they have previously learned and introduces new materials and activities to ensure children are ready to enter elementary school after graduating from our program. Our ability to offer care from 6 weeks to 6 years old allows children to have a consistent schedule and to create a routine that ensures children feel safe, secure in their world and their needs are responded to appropriately. This allows them to build the confidence to explore, experiment, learn, and try new things. We work side by side with parents/guardians to promote positive attachment and strong, healthy relationships. 

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At Mon Petit Academy we offer quality early childhood education serving children ages 6 weeks to 6 years. Our dedication is in Early Childhood education and working side by side with our families to ensure that we provide guidance, education and support to each child. We believe parents are the most important teachers in the lives of their children and we are here to support you and the growth of your infant. 

Our Infant room was created with the intention of creating a safe and healthy environment for children to explore. Our number one priority is safety and ensuring we work with you to get to know your infant and follow their unique schedule while guiding them through play, introduction to music, sign language and educational material that will stimulate their growth and create the building blocks to their future education.

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We believe it is our duty to lay the foundation for a better tomorrow and to provide children with the life-long skills they need to achieve their highest potential.  We give children the building blocks necessary to possess feelings of confidence, respect, and responsibility, which are essential in developing a positive self-image.  Through interaction with other children and our dedicated teachers, children are learning how to cooperate, problem solve, and make friends. The skills our children develop in these important and formative years, pave the way for them to be strong, successful, individuals and an integral part of the future.

We believe in creating a happy healthy work environment for all of our staff. We believe in creating a consistent work schedule that allows for work and life balance. We create a place for our staff to feel empowered in their career path, to learn and grow beyond our walls. We provide education, training and pay for all professional development that allows each of staff members to develop into the best educators they can be. We offer health benefits, retirement benefits, extensive paid time vacation time and competitive pay.

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